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Planning your honeymoon?

Travel to Kerala, the fascinating destination where tourist attractions galore. Extravagantly beautiful and green, this destination is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations of India. Its breathtaking natural beauty never fails to capture the hearts of tourists. Spend some romantic moments with your spouse amidst the romantic and beautiful surroundings of Kerala and crown your honeymoon with golden memories.

For honeymoon is the most special phase of one’s life, one must celebrate it at a special destination. And when it comes to special destination, Kerala tops the list of tourists coming to India. It is an irresistible destination which is aptly called the ‘God’s Own Country’.

Explore the attractions of Kerala with your beloved and enjoy the special moments together. Imagine you walking hand in hand with your beloved on the captivating beaches of Kerala, enjoying the beauty of the swaying palms, lashing waves, salubrious climate, picturesque surrounding, breathtaking sunset views and much more.


Kerala is a top tourist destination and a paradise for travelers. God’s own country comprises of pristine hill stations, lovely backwaters and national parks. Blessed with all natural diversities, Kerala has become one of the top class places where more and more people come to spend their vacations and carry back home memories to cherish for a lifetime. Being a tropical state, it s blessed with golden beaches but it is its backwaters that are World Renowned and the source of attraction for a large number of tourists. Kerala Tour Package gives you the perfect opportunity to leave behind the mundane daily life and spend some beautiful days in the Laps of Mother Nature.

We all deserve a good vacation and Kerala is one destination that knows how to serve its guests well. It is here where the local people open the doors of their homes for the visitors and welcome them. This provides a wonderful opportunity to the travelers to learn more about the culture of Kerala and taste one of the finest cuisines at its natural best. Spend a few days amidst the beaches, palm trees, lagoons, waterfalls, hills, jungles etc. as the land of coconuts is blessed with all natural diversities. Thus, it has been a dream destination for millions of travelers both within India and from abroad. A good planning would take you a long way to enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Kerala Honeymoon Packages are also much sought after by the couples who wish to spend their time in complete luxury, security and not to forget privacy. The state offers many beautiful and attractive places for vacation spent with excitement, romance and leisure. Their dream of exotic honeymoon is fulfilled by the state of Kerala as this place is blessed with amiable cool climate, romantic beaches, exotic flora and fauna, breathtaking backwaters and picturesque hill stations. This beauty has greatly fascinated the newlywed couples and they make the best of their vacation by opting for the right honeymoon packages.


Kerala is a heaven for honeymooners. Its natural inheritance in the forms of tranquil Beaches, calm Lakes, comforting Hill stations, beautiful Backwaters, amazing Houseboats etc makes it a ideal destination to rejoice honeymoon. The dissimilar form of its beautiful nature and wonderful way to reassure and amuse people will surly impress you.

If you are planning to rejoice a honeymoon and to start your newly wedded life cheerfully you should visit this place. Kerala is known as “Honeymooners Paradise”. Your honeymoon will be a lifetime experience if you celebrate your honeymoon in Kerala. The energy and the great characteristic of this place will always let you cooperate with your partner. Let us start Honeymoon Tour in Kerala by visiting its most romantic sites. Beaches in Kerala are popular between honeymooners.

Kerala is truly a paradise for celebrating honeymoon as it has wonderful and romantic attractions like beaches, backwaters, lakes, hill stations, houseboats and Ayurveda therapies. For your romantic honeymoon holidays plan a tour to Kerala and spend your most enchanting phase of life in the most enchanting destination of India. A variety of honeymoon packages are available, so take your pick depending on your taste and requirements.

Kerala is one of the beautiful states of India. Also known as God’s Own Country, it is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations of India. It attracts newly wed coupes from all over the world with its unique cultural and geographical features. It presents couples sheer romantic and amiable ambiance for honeymooning vacations in India. In this article, I am discussing about how to make Kerala honeymoon memorable. Here are some tips and idea which will help you to make your romantic vacation a lingering affair.

Kerala is one of the best tourist destinations in India. It is visited by tourists from around the world. And beautiful and attractive, with exceptional beauty of nature that the plant can be more tourist heavy fall in love. Well, if you are looking for a destination blessed with nature, then the state of Kerala is the place for you. Visit and this condition is to make sure I would love to come back again and visit hit inspired by the beauty of nature.


The Best Time To Visit Kerala

The most favorable time to have your Munnar holiday trip is between the months of November and May, when the overall climate is pleasant; you will be able to participate in all possible holiday activities actively. It is better to avoid the monsoon season, which usually gets started from June, and will last until the end of August. If you are planning to have the Munnar holiday trip during the months of December or January, you must not forget to pack your flannels!


Confirm Your Dates for your kerala honeymoon

You probably already set a date for your wedding. Think in advance about other family visits expected of you as a newly married couple prior to the beginning of your honeymoon plans. Check with your husband-to-be, given the number of days that you can take to get out. Make sure you are comfortable with the dates and duration of the honeymoon.

Pick Your Perfect Kerala Destination

After you have completed your honeymoon finalized, the next step is to choose your location. Where do you get to spend your honeymoon? You’re obviously interested in Kerala, otherwise you would not be here at all! Kerala has a number of honeymoon places for you to choose from, you are sure to find at least one that fits your imagination.


Here Are Some Guidelines On How To Pick Your Honeymoon Destination

Consider some time on the proposed dates. In Kerala, in particular, a quarter of the year is the rainy season in a lot of rain. If you are someone who does not enjoy the rain, it would be better for you to choose a place that has less rain. Consider your climate ideal honeymoon destination and plan accordingly.

Choose a place that both want. Take into account the needs of your partner, instead of pushing for the position of his only dream. Make sure the place you choose is relaxing, not crowded, giving you room to breathe.


No wonder honeymoon is the most important and wonderful phase of one’s life, and hence it should be celebrated in the most wonderful way. Honeymooners from far and wide come to Kerala to spend some time in the lap of nature. It is the most famous and favored honeymoon destination of India. On your honeymoon tour to Kerala enjoy the charm of its mesmerizing beaches, sail through its palm fringed backwaters, experience the thrill of wonderful hill stations and pamper your body with blissful Ayurvedic massage. Enjoying all this with your life partner will surely add more charm to the holiday experience.

Not anywhere in the world can enjoy the charm and remote areas, but in Kerala can enjoy delicious. One of the most important and witchcraft are in remote areas of the state of Kerala Tourism idol.

Kerala is famous for exotic flora and fauna, national parks and protected areas in the state of Kerala is known types of insurance on the house different from wild animals. The park’s most famous nature reserves and India in the state of Kerala. To explore the tourists and nature lovers and lovers of nature, to enjoy a safari to the magic of delicious and exotic flora and fauna in the state of Kerala.

Kerala has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Ideal for water sports and leisure holiday, such as palm beaches attract tourists from all over the world travel to Kerala. Alappauzha Beach Bekal Beach, Bekal Beach, Marari Beach, Bypore Beach, Kappad Beach, Kovalam Beach, Varkala Beach, Cherai Beach is some of the best beaches of Kerala, is recognized internationally. It is the perfect destination for nature lovers and water sport enthusiasts, and many other adventurous tourists. Honeymoon on the beaches of Kerala has the atmosphere of heaven for couples celebrated as a romantic honeymoon.


Here Are Kinds Of Honeymoon Destinations In Kerala, And Our Suggestions On Where You Can Experience Them Best

Exploring Hill Stations of Kerala

There are many picturesque hill stations in this state. One of the most sought after hill stations for honeymoon tours in Kerala is Munnar, also called the Kashmir of South due to its copious natural beauty, aromatic & refreshing breeze, serene ambiance and romantic backgrounds. Wayanad, Ponmudi, Rajamalai and Echo Point are other romantic hill stations in the state.

Munnar being a hill station, is the one of the most famous hill stations in the country.  Well, my sincere answer is that transportation is not an issue at all. The nearest railway stations are Ernakulam and Aluva (around 110km) and the nearest airport is Cochin (100km). The road journey from these places to Munnar is an experience in itself. You can feel and see the change in geography and natural beauty. There are a few prominent waterfalls also, on the way.


Munnar Honeymoon

Munnar is a prime hill station in the state of Kerela that has been recommended and preferred by innumerable vacationers round the year. The breathtaking locales, hills, drizzles and all around greenery make the place almost every tourist’s dream destination. There are many tourist attractions in Munnar that the tourists need to chuck out before planning a trip to this exotic place. For a comfortable and peaceful stay there are quite many hotels in Munnar. In order to have a hassle free trip, the tourists need to book hotels in advance as the hill station remains crowded with tourists throughout.

Munnar is arguably one of the most stunning hill stations in the southern part of India. Located in ‘God’s own country’ Kerala, Munnar hill station is a popular tourist destination in India. It is situated at a height of around 6000 Ft above sea level and falls in the Idukki district of Kerala. The beauty of this lovely hill station lies in its never ending expanse of spice and tea plantations, striking valleys, lush green mountains, spell binding waterfalls and exotic wildlife sanctuaries. To know Munnar even better, you need to make an extensive Kerala tour plan and take a leisurely journey across this lovely town.

Blessed with natural splendor, Munnar is a romantic setting draped in the emerald hues of tea gardens and beauty of verdant valleys. A premier hill station, Munnar is nestled at an altitude of 2000 to 2600 m above sea level. Munnar holiday packages unleashes a world of serenity and serendipity to its visitors; in its treasure trove it has numerous gems that soothe the eye, relaxes the body and rejuvenates the soul.


Tourist Attractions in Munnar

  1. Mattupetty Dam is among the best tourist attractions in Munnar for its storage masonry dam and the fine-looking lake. Tourists can pay a half-day visit to the place and enjoy boating and landscape viewing. People can also find an Indo-Swiss Livestock Project (dairy farm) that comprises of different high yielding breeds of cows. Mattupetty’s luxuriant tea plantations, stunning grasslands and the Shola forests calls for a sure shot trekking experience.
  2. The famous Tea Museum of Munnar is situated at the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea. A half-day visit to the place would unravel exhibits of astonishing photographs and machineries; vocalizing tales of genesis and expansion of tea plantations. It showcases some of the superb and appealing aspects on the tea plantations in Kerala.
  3. Eravikulam National Park famous for its endangered inhabitant – the Nilgiri Tahr, is an ideal place for trekking, splendid views of the tea plantations and the rolling misty hills as well.
  4. Pothamedu is even reckoned as one of the key plantation hubs of Munnar. The spot offers splendid views of coffee, tea, and cardamom plantations. Tourists can also enjoy trekking and hiking amidst lush mountains.
  5. Echo Point: In the midst of the remote hills, each strident sound is echoed and the spot even offers panoramic view.


Vagamon Honeymoon

Vagamon a beautiful place in Kerala is known for its enigmatic attractions and charm of the three beautiful hills the Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala. These places are blessed with astounding beauty and charm and more of all it is also important from religious point of view for Muslims, Hindu and Christian.


Vythiri Honeymoon

Vythiri is a quaint little town located in Wayanad – a hilly region of breathtaking beauty and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The area is surrounded with dense tropical forests, majestic waterfalls and quiet mountain streams. This place is known for its tree houses and trekking trails, so if you have a passion for the outdoors, you will definitely love here.

In conclusion

For those on a honeymoon, Munnar hill station is simply a paradise. You get a wonderful opportunity to ride on a houseboat in one of the serene backwaters of Munnar. This experience will be so different and special that you will cherish it for a long time in your life and would love to travel to Kerala again just to relive this experience.

Munnar Hill Station – Munnar is one of the best hill stations not only in Southern India but all over the world. The lush green surroundings and pristine valleys of Munnar make this a tourist hotspot.



Exploring Beaches of Kerala

There is no doubt that Kerala is home to some of the most fascinating beaches in the world. It has some amazing palm-fringed beautiful beaches. A great way to get the most out of your holiday is to explore some beaches. Kovalam, Varakala, Mararikulam, Alappuzha, Beypore, etc are some of fabulous beaches in the state and very popular among families and of course honeymooners. You can enjoy many cheery activities like swimming, sunbathing, beach leisure walk, sunset watching, water sports, ayurvedic body massages, etc.

Located in the south-west tip of the Indian sub-continent, beaches in Kerala cover a distance of approximately 550km on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. With the terrain being unique, on moving further on the beaches from north to south the topography alters quite unexpectedly.

From different parts of the world, tourists in a large number trip Kerala to explore its exquisite and impressive beaches. Kerala is the hottest and admired beach destination in India. Kerala beach tour can truly be an overwhelming experience offering an opportunity to discover exquisite beaches with exceptional nature prettiness.

Beaches of this beautiful Indian state are dotted with sky scrapping palm coconut trees, silvery and golden sands, rocky promontories further blessed with extraordinary natural beauty. Finest and worth mentioning beaches of Kerala include Kumarakom Beach, Kovalam Beach, Varkala Beach, Beypore Beach, Alleppey Beach, Fort Kochi Beach, Marai Beach, Fort Bekal Beach, Kappad Beach and Muzhappilangad Beach.


Here Are Some Of The More Popular Beach In Kerala

Kovalam Beach

This is one of the internationally famous beach resort of Kerala. And it has been a favourite haunt of tourist since a long time. It consists of two palm-fringed Beach. Actually kovalam is a combination of three beaches. Stony, sandy and a calm bay of blue water take away your blues as you spend your day in Kovalam beach. This is one of the famous beaches of southern India. It is located near the city of Tiruvanthapuram on the Arabian Sea. It is situated around 16 km south of Thiruvananthapuram. This spot is very famous among tourists and is known for its tranquil and pristine atmosphere.


Alleppey Or Alappuzha Beach

Alleppey or Alappuzha beach is one of best beaches in Karala. Known as the Venice of East Alleppey has enjoyed an unique place in the maritime history of Kerala. This beach is located on a thin strip of land, sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Punnamada backwaters. Alleppey beach is one of the most popular spots in the district of Alappuzha.

The beach of Alleppey is the best place to lead life in leisure. It is such a place where one can enjoy the art of doing nothing. The long sandy beach with palm fringed rows, Alleppey beach is far from the howling of outer world. It is a place where the child in oneself rises and and can enjoy activities like sand art, sinking the footmarks into the heart of the white sand. It is a good place to stretch under the sun or jog around.


Bekal beach

50 km from Mangalore Airport. This beautiful beach is one of the main attractions of northern Kerala. Bakel is a very calm village full of coconut trees. It has a very old fort called as Bakel fort. So if you go to north Kerala do not forget to visit this marvelous beach.


Varkala Beach

Also known as ‘Papanasam beach’ at a distance of 54km from Thiruvanathapuram, the best time to visit the Varkala beach is between September to May. The water of this beach is believed to be sacred with the mineral springs here known for the curative ability. Lined by interesting red cliffs, the calm backwaters blend in well with the scenic beauty. The best part of being at Varkala is that it isn’t filled to the gills with tourists and crowd. Varkala has a great  tourist destination, Varkala has a temple which is 3500 years old.


In shortly

Holidays on the beaches of Kerala are an unforgettable experience. There are best accommodation facility available on the beaches. The water sports facilities here are just amazing which bring out the child in everyone. The Ayurveda, yoga and meditation centers and sumptuous food at the beaches add an extra excitement to the trip.

Kerala can be visited at any time of the year. If you can plan your travel to reach Kerala during Christmas time in December, or during Kerala Festival Onam, which falls in August-September, you can enjoy the best of Kerala.



Exploring Backwaters of Kerala

Introduction to the Kerala Backwaters: The Backwaters in Kerala are the chain of brackish lagoons and lakes which lies parellel to the Arabian Sea coast of Kerala state in the southern part of India. The network of the Kerala Backwaters includes five large lakes (both man made and natural) and 38 rivers extends at half the length of the Kerala state. Over 900 km of the state has interconnected waterways with canals, rivers, lakes and inlets that makes up the Kerala Backwaters. The backwater destination of Kerala is the mixture of the historic and modern towns and some scenic and holiday gateways in the backwaters of Kerala.

The Backwaters of Kerala is the most popular tourist spot of the country. The best way to enjoy the backwaters of Kerala is to take a cruise on Kettuvallam or a house boat.

Kerala is globally renowned with its serene and scenic backwaters. There are many fascinating destinations for backwater tourism in this state. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kozhikode, Kuttanad, Kollam, etc are some famous backwater destinations which are very popular among honeymooners in Kerala. Honeymooners can enjoy best of backwater tourism by exciting and luxury houseboat cruise. A well-organized houseboat cruise over the serene and scenic backwaters would be truly romantic experience for you and your spouse.

The palm fringed backwaters of Kerala offer a pleasing experience to tourists. The backwater tour takes you amidst beautiful surroundings with sheer greenery, colorful birds and offers wonderful sights of quaint villages. Floating on water while enjoying picturesque sights is a great experience. For backwaters tour you can choose from the following destinations: Alleppy, Kollam, Kuttanad and Kumarakom.


Best Time To Visit Kerala Back waters

The best time for an enchanting visit to backwaters in Kerala is from December to March. On January 15 tourists can enjoy the boat race of Alleppey and The Great Elephant March from January 17 to 20.


Here Are Some Of The More Popular Backwaters In Kerala


This region of Kumarakom is the cluster of islands on the Vembanand Kayal and it is the part of Kuttanad region. The resorts of Kumarakom is the ideal spot for the tourist who visits the place. One can also take the boat trip in Kumarakom whoch is 15 km west of Kottayam. and best known for its backwater tourism facilities.

Kumarakom of Kerala is one of the most popular backwaters destinations. Its lovely backwaters are bedecked with coconut grooves, spice fields, paddy fields, and coir villages. Water lilies and lotuses bloom in the pristine water and colorful birds flying over the clear blue truly creates a heavenly ambiance. It is tranquil destination which is must to visit on Kerala holiday with Kerala backwater tours.

While you are in Kumarakom you can enjoy fishing is the fresh lake and rivers, which is a delightful experience. Bird watching is another wonderful activity you can enjoy while you are in Kumarakom. Well, if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of this beautiful region of Kerala, cruise over the luxurious Kumarakom houseboat is must. Houseboat will take you to the world of wonderment where the scenic beauty and the natural wonders, never fails to lure the heart of tourists.



The Venice of the East. It is perhaps the most popular backwater destination in Kerala, God’s Own Country. It is now the hub for backwater tourism in the state. It is often referred to as the “Venice of the East”. Houseboats are available on rent on a daily basis basis and for a week or longer durations. Alleppey houseboats takes tourists to several other fascinating destinations like Quilon, Kumarakom and Kottayam passing through palm fringed narrow canals and the vast expanse of lush green paddy fields and many traditional villages.



It is located around 71 km to the north of Thriuvananthapuram. The Ashthamudi Lake adds to the beauty of backwaters in this district. Spend eight hours of peace and relief in the houseboat ride from Kollam to Alappuzha

The district also has some interesting historic remnants and a number of temples built in the traditional ornate architectural style. Around 30% of this historic town is covered by the renowned Ashtamudi Lake, making it the gateway to the magnificent Backwaters of Kerala.

The eight hour trip between Kollam and Alappuzha is the longest backwater cruise in Kerala. The District Tourism Promotion Council here offers a wide range of backwaters tours and cruises.



The Port City. It is one of the most important cities and backwater destinations in Kerala, God’s Own Country. It is a group of islands on the Lake Vembanad that opens out into the azure Arabian Sea. It is a very ideal place for Kerala backwaters tours. A well-conducted houseboat cruise through the meandering waterways will take you to several old-fashioned & picturesque spots like Jewish Synagogue, Chinese Fishing Nets, Dutch Palace, etc. This city is surrounded by the Western Ghats, whereas on the west there is Arabian Sea.


In shortly

Kerala backwater trips are the highlight of the Kerala tour packages. Tourists are fascinated with its charismatic glory that never fails to impress their heart. Backwaters are the lifeline of the state and are also excellent tourist attractions. If you are also planning to spend few days in the lap of nature, book a backwater package or any other package tour of your choice to Kerala and enjoy the bliss of Mother Nature.



Wildlife Locations of Kerala

Wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala are home to varied forms of wildlife and offer animal lovers an opportunity to watch rare species in their natural habitats. The emerald green forests and its wonderful flora and fauna are the reason behind Kerala being a much sought after wildlife destination and a natural abode for many animal species. Flanked by the Western Ghats on its east and the Malabar Coast on its west Kerala is flushed by beautiful backwaters. Kerala is truly a nature lovers’ paradise with lush tropical evergreen rain forests supporting a rich array of land, marine and avian wildlife.



The other name of Thekkady wildlife park is Periyar wildlife sanctuary. The geographical area of this wildlife sanctuary comes in both the districts of Idukki, and Pathanamthitta. Nearest railway station to reach the place is Kottayam. The sanctuary encompass a beautiful lake, so many varieties of flowering plants, peculiar varieties of birds, toxic reptiles, endangered specious of animals like lion tailed macaque, deer so on. Giant King Cobra and Great Hornbill are other attractions of this wildlife sanctuary. Visitors can enjoy boat cruises in the lake and take photographs of birds and have elephant rides, as well.

The popular name of Thekkady wildlife sanctuary is Salim Ali bird sanctuary. There are some reserve areas in the sanctuary that preserve trees like rosewoods and teak. It is one of the finest bird sanctuaries in India. Visitors can watch Hornbills in their habitat here. Best time to visit this sanctuary is from May to July. In this period plenty of migratory birds visit this sanctuary. Falcon, Sunbird, and Blue winged parakeet are common in this sanctuary. Peculiar kinds of haven and Crimson -throated Barbet are other attractions in the sanctuary. It has more than five hundred varieties of birds.

Among the many places of this state Thekkady standalone for its picturesque beauty which is visited by scores of tourists throughout the year. It is the hometown of Periyar National Park which is an important tourist attraction of this place.

In Thekkady there is a Tribal Heritage Museum built inside the Mannan settlement which display various artifacts related to ancient agricultural practices, marriage ceremonies, cultural events, dress code, rituals and death ceremonies like fishing gear, hunting weaponry, indigenous medicine and vessels, cereals, medicinal herbs and bamboo furniture. Thus one can find Thekkady a melting pot of culture and nature.



Wayanad Sanctuary is the part of the Wayanad Plateau. It is the home to varied wild animals like tiger, leopards, elephant, wild dog, bear and bison. It is the integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. It is the perfect place to see the majestic tigers taking guard of their kingdom. Cuckoos, Peacock, Wood Pecker, Jungle Fowl, etc are commonly spotted avifauna family in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is open all the year round but the ideal time to visit the sanctuary is June to October. Kazhikode is the nearest railway station which is 130 km away from the sanctuary.



Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary It is amongst the most visited wildlife sanctuary of Kerala. Located 40 kilometers away from the Thodapuzha district, this park is situated at a height of about 750 meters above sea level and spreads across an area of 77 square kilometers. This exotic place supports a large variety of fauna of which the main type are elephants, jungle cats, sambar deer, tigers, cobras, woodpeckers, jungle fowls, kingfishers, peafowl and a number of poisonous & non poisonous snakes.


In conclusion

Make your Kerala honeymoon tour more memorable by cruising through the vast stretches of serene and scenic backwaters. Cruise by luxury houseboats traditionally called Kettuvallams. Reside at luxury houseboats and enjoy their facilities. Enjoy extraordinary charm of backwater tourism. Watch scenic surroundings from the deck of the houseboat with your loved one. See traditional villages, local peoples, paddy fields, etc while cruising over backwaters by houseboats. Houseboat is today perhaps the most preferred attractions of Kerala honeymoon holidays. So don’t miss opportunity to stay at luxury houseboat a floating holiday home.

Kerala Tourism has amazing attractions to make your honeymoon tour a memorable experience. Enjoy Kerala backwater tour, beach tour and Ayurveda tour to enjoy your honeymoon in the best possible manner. Kerala Honeymoon tour is vary famous among Indians who come here for celebrating the most wonderful phase of their life.

Great activities to enjoy with your Spouse – In Kerala you can enjoy lots of activities such as beach activities, water sports, wildlife viewing, birding, shopping, etc. Take a walk or enjoy at romantic spot. Have a leisure walk alongside seashore. Enjoy trekking in verdant mountains. Enjoy wildlife viewing at Periyar National Park. Enjoy houseboat cruise on backwaters. In fact, you will have many exciting activities to enjoy on your Kerala tours for honeymoon holidays.

Well, if you plan to spend a holiday with kerala tourism in more than welcome. You can enjoy a book from the state of Kerala Packageof your choice of travel agents for holidays, and life journey, the experience of Kerala. Visit this country once and make sure to be repeated again and again for holidays in Kerala, God’s country.


Book Your Romantic Room

Once you have decided on the time and locate of your honeymoon, the next step is to book your room. Take into account several factors, including the budget, preferences food, position the hotel / resort, and customer feedback. Most hotels and resorts offer honeymoon packages during the month you can get. This usually includes a complimentary breakfast and, in some cases, a candlelight dinner too.


Plan You Romantic Getaway

Now that your accommodation is resolved, when planning your honeymoon activities. Check with your partner and make a list of attractions of this city who want a place that you want to visit and the activities that you want to see take part. Plan your activities so that you have space to relax and enjoy the company of others in your schedule.

Check out this article on 100 things you can do in Kerala.


Arrange Your Transportation

The next step is to decide what type of transportation you use to get to their honeymoon destination. Book your tickets in advance, so that their places will be confirmed. To travel to the place on your honeymoon, you can hire a car with driver, car or drive on their own rent. If you use a rental service, please contact in advance, so you can be sure that your favorite coach.

However, the most appropriate option is selected for a complete wedding package. Rest in paradise, we offer special honeymoon package accommodation and sightseeing and a qualified driver included.


Pack The Essentials for your honeymoon

About a week before it’s time for you to travel, make a list of all the things you need to take with you on your honeymoon. Make sure you consider the time when choosing clothes. You need some kind of proof of identity and to ensure that their travel documents are in order. Other things to wear are recommended mosquito repellent, flashlight, enough money and phone.




Take Safety Precautions

Just to be on the safe side, you need to take basic measures to ensure a honeymoon without problems precaution. Kerala travel as a couple, do not stay in very remote places with other people around you. Choose a place where you feel safe, but when you travel to new places, go to your car. Try not to travel after 19 hours, as the road lights can get, and if something happens to your vehicle, remain blocked. Another thing to consider is that the people in southern India is a little more conservative, so try to avoid public displays of affection. Check out these tips on safety and plan your honeymoon in Kerala.


Have Loads Of Fun

Have a simple honeymoon stay with you long after a great comeback in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. , Relax and let us know your honeymoon plans. I assure you, this will be a decision you will never regret it.

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