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Enjoy an eternal experience with Andaman honeymoon packages


Imagine yourself sitting on a secluded place with an amazing view of azure sea, high rise palm trees and sprawling blue sky in front of your eyes and soft golden sand beneath your feet. Feels like a paradise? That is what Andaman Islands are, a heavenly body on earth blessed with abundant natural beauty. Make the most special phase of your life, even more memorable by visiting the fascinating Andaman Islands. You cannot imagine a more gratifying start for your new life than being in the scintillating and pleasing environment and enjoying the breathtaking views and natural splendors.

Andaman Islands, famous world over for their immense natural beauty and pristine environment, are a preferred destination for families, solo travelers and especially for the newlyweds. If you and your partner love to spend time outdoors and want to enjoy your honeymoon at an exotic destination, then Andaman Islands would definitely be your first choice. These islands are flooded with natural beauty and picturesque locations. Right from the crescent shaped beaches to the verdant forests; everything is blessed with immense natural exquisiteness. Anytime is good to visit these exotic islands, however from January to May is the most preferred time as the weather is clear and is perfect for deep sea diving. From May to July is the rainy season and the entire surroundings gets immersed with the dazzling drops of rain. August to November is again a very pleasant weather to enjoy the natural scenery as the light drizzles enhance the charm of this gorgeous location.

Situated in the eastern side of India, in the Bay of Bengal, these islands are actually a cluster of big and small islands, with each island being more beautiful and extremely unique from the others. To reach this amazing destination, you can choose between air travel or sea transport. Direct flights are available from prominent Indian cities, like Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai to the capital city of Port Blair. For sea transport, you can opt for cruises from Kolkata, Chennai and Visakhapatnam. Travelling by sea gives you a chance to experience the vastness of the wide spread sea but it can also be more time consuming, that is why most of the people like to travel by air. From the moment you step on this exotic land, till the last day of your trip, it will be an enduring experience, full of innumerable memories that you would love to relive again and again.

For beach lovers, nothing can be more satisfying than enjoying the breathtaking views offered by the ravishing Neil Island and Havelock Island. There are the two most prominent places which are enormously famous for their serenity and beauty. Lush green forests and crystal clear beaches surround you in this exotic place, where you can splurge in plenty of water activities, from swimming to snorkeling. Dive into the azure sea and enjoy an incredible experience of being among the colorful fishes and creatures or experience ultimate thrill with activities like wind surfing and para sailing. For history buffs, visiting the Cellular Jail can prove to be an enriching experience, as this place held a prominent position during the first freedom fight of India. Visit the anthropological museum and you can see items, which have kept the mystical history of these islands intact till date. To enjoy some fun moments, you can visit Diglipur, which is also the Andaman’s peak point. From here you can enjoy enthralling view of the sea shore merging so beautifully with the golden sand. Trekking in the rocky terrains and excursions in the dense forests, are other most sought after activities that travelers love to enjoy on these islands. If you love staying outdoors, then camping is one activity that you should definitely try. You will be at the most pristine place with beautiful natural views and glittering stars as your companions. Away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded places, it will be your own little getaway.

Andaman Islands are extremely famous among shopping lovers as well. Sagrika Emporium and Handicrafts Emporium are the ultimate destinations if you want to indulge in shopping of exciting gift items. From beautifully crafted wooden items and exquisite shell jewelry to other wonderful items, you can definitely find something of your liking here and add that to your list of souvenirs. To relish the true exotic flavors of local cuisine, you can visit a number of world class restaurants, which are equally famous for their amazing array of dishes and enchanting ambiance. If you and your partner love sea food then you will be spoilt for choice as on these islands you can splurge in an unimaginable variety of dishes which incorporate the freshest variety of sea food.

Make your stay more special by selecting a sea side resort and enjoy an uninterrupted and mesmerizing view of the vast sea right from your room. Enchanting view of the sunset and sunrise will definitely please your heart and fill you with delight. In case you do not feel too enthusiastic about finding and then booking a good accommodation then opting for a holiday package can be an extremely wise and convenient choice. Specially offered by the credible tour companies, Andaman honeymoon packages are ideal to enjoy a trip to this marvelous place, without dealing with the hassles of bookings and arrangements. Honeymoon is certainly the most special phase of your life and it should remain so. Forget about calling hotels and making reservations, as you can get everything prearranged by choosing a honeymoon package. all your needs, right from the accommodation and sightseeing, to meals and special tours, are taken care of by the wonderful staff of the hotels, while you just need to relax and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Your likings and preferences are something, which is of utmost importance for the hotels and that is why they make every effort to ensure that your stay is full of pleasant and cherished moments. You can expect to enjoy a wonderful time, when all your needs and preferences are fulfilled in such an amazing and time bound way.

Another thing that makes these honeymoon packages so irresistible is their affordable range. Arranging and making bookings for everything separately can cost you a lot in terms of money and time, both. You can definitely save yourself from all such hassles, by opting for an all-inclusive package that will best suit your needs. World class accommodations, alluring décor, delectable meals, comfortable transfers and immaculate service, are some of the features of Andaman honeymoon tour packages. On top of that you get to enjoy the charm and serenity of the world renowned beaches and that too, in the company of your life partner.

The beauty of a relationship lies in sharing unforgettable experiences with the most special person in your life. Visiting Andaman Islands gives you a chance to explore and enjoy the true beauty of natural surroundings, along with spending some wonderful moments with the love of your life. Experiences that you will share in Andaman Islands will definitely become memories for lifetime that you can look back and cherish forever. Let the exquisiteness and charm of this paradise mesmerize you with its serenity and sheer beauty. Savor the true essence of exquisiteness and serene life, while staying amidst the natural splendors with Andaman honeymoon packages.


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